peadiatric dentistry 

At Dental Girona we care about the little ones, because we know that a good diagnosis made in time can prevent future problems.

It is very important to take care of the dental health of children and adolescents during the growth of the jaws, milk teeth and during the appearance of incisors and molars.

If they learn as children that going to the dentist is natural and necessary, by the time they are adults they will have acquired a habit that will have a favourable effect on their oral health.

The paediatric dentist is the professional responsible for the control and monitoring of children’s dental growth and will be in charge of carrying out the treatment they need. 


Dental team specialised in paediatric dentistry

The Dental Girona team will take care of the needs of the youngest children in the different areas of the paediatric dentistry service.


Dental education: we teach children the importance and the most appropriate way to have a correct oral hygiene.

Fluoridation: fluoride strengthens the enamel and prevents the appearance of caries.

Fissure sealing: this is a very effective preventive method that is carried out in the dental clinic and is based on placing a sealing material in the pits and fissures of the premolars and molars to prevent the entry of bacterial plaque and the appearance of dental caries.



Filling: if the caries has not reached the nerve, the cavity is covered with a paste (filling).

Pulpotomy and pulpectomy: these treatments are only carried out on milk teeth. They are indicated for teeth with deep caries or dental trauma. It consists of removing part of the pulp or nerve of the tooth, placing a material next to the nerve and reconstructing the tooth.

Space maintainers: these are used to prevent the loss of space for the correct location of permanent teeth, when there has already been extensive destruction or loss of a baby tooth.



Orthodontics is responsible for correcting the incorrect alignment of teeth in order to achieve healthy and aesthetic teeth.

At Dental Girona we carry out different types of orthodontic treatments adapted to the needs of each patient: straight arch orthodontics, Damon System and Invisalign.

We also offer Invisalign Teen®, the transparent, comfortable and invisible orthodontic system that helps teenagers to have the best smile for the duration of the treatment.