dental aesthetics 

With aesthetic dental treatments we improve the smile of our patients. Dental Girona offers you a range of high quality treatments to meet the needs of each patient. With aesthetic dental treatments, we correct the colour, shape, position or alignment of your teeth, but always taking into account the gums, to achieve a harmonious, beautiful and pleasant smile.


Dental team specialised in dental aesthetics


facets or sleeves

To achieve good dental anatomy, improve malpositions or make a colour correction.




Through treatment at our centre, home treatment or by combining the two treatments, we can achieve the desired colour for a beautiful smile.



To get the teeth in the correct position and alignment. We can use aesthetic orthodontic techniques or the Invisalign® invisible orthodontic system.



The gum plays a fundamental role in the appearance of a beautiful smile. We use techniques that allow us to create healthy, young and natural gums. To have healthy gums we must carry out regular hygiene or, in some cases, periodontal treatments.